Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Arihant Playtime is an industry leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of dynamic outdoor fitness equipment. We have over 39 varieties of Scramblers and Open Air Gym products that allow the user to workout while enjoying the outdoors. Our outdoor fitness equipment has been thoughtfully designed to ensure maximum results while ensuring a safe setting to perform exercises for both the upper body and the lower body. Our goal is to create the best outdoor fitness equipment that can be placed at local parks, vacation homes, commercial parks, and more.

Enjoy exercising while outdoors

Count on Arihant Playtime to remain on the leading edge of new developments in the outdoor gym equipment industry Our equipment has been designed using research based protocols to ensure the best results. We understand that not everyone wants to exercise indoors at a local gym. That is why we have created some of the most robust outdoor fitness equipment so that exercises can be completed in fresh air, in a garden, park, or in any other natural outdoor setting.

Choose from the shoulder twirl equipment, leg extension equipment, chest press equipment, hip twister, and much more. Our equipment has been extensively tested for safety and high performance to ensure both the safety and the effectiveness of workout routines.

Putting The Fun in Fitness

We believe that play and fitness are important parts of a healthy life and we strive to make these easy and simple to combine through our innovate play systems and fitness equipment.