Arihant Playground Equipment Manufacturer

Arihant Playtime is on the cutting edge of new developments in playground equipment in India and worldwide. We stay up to date with the latest technology so that we can provide playground equipment that is made using the most innovative, research backed methods. Our commitment to creating the best outdoor and indoor playground equipment has set us apart as the premier playground equipment developer and supplier.

School Playground Equipment

At Arihant, we design and create playground equipment for schools throughout India and around the world. Whether we are supplying preschool outdoor playground equipment or school playground equipment for school aged children, we offer just the right solutions. Each play system is carefully and intentionally designed to match the developmental stages of the children who will be using them. Our play systems are research backed and are constructed based on science to ensure the most engagement and learning for each child.

Outstanding Play Experiences

From Safety Rubber Floorings to interactive elements, our playground equipment offers the total package for enjoyment and safety. Arihant Playtime is the leading developer of outdoor play equipment for schools as well as commercial playground equipment. As a trusted playground equipment manufacturer, we stand behind the quality of our workmanship with consistent innovation and upgrades.

Creating happy moments for children of all ages is our main priority. We are the number one source for play systems of all types as well as add ons such as character bins, trash bins, garden swings, Garden benches, Rubber Floorings and much more.