Bringing colours into your life is our promise

When it comes to colour, we are always excited. We humans, especially children are exceptional visually receptive beings. They make sense of our surrounding environments through the things they experience and feel with the different shades of colours they perceive. Many of our decisions and swaying moods are based on colours and lights we see. Harnessing this has become vital in order to draw kid’s attention and keep them engage. So we are extremely careful while choosing colour schemes for our products.

Arihant has possible quality range of colours in all materials we use. Be it plastic, metal or FRP, we give our best to make product stand out and aesthetical soothing to eyes via colours.

Metal Colours
Tomato Red
Spring Green
Sunflower Yellow
Pitch Black
Emerald Green
Steel Grey
Lovely Lavender
Pearl White
Ink Blue
Teal Green
Roto Colours
FRP Colours
Fiery red
Sunny Yellow
Orange Burst
Parrot Green
Brick Red
Sky Blue
Charcoal Black