Why CORPORATES Opt for Playtime?

We are a thoroughly professional team, and we understand the challenges of corporate life. We map out every job and work with you to achieve our goal.

Industry Experience of over 35 years: Playtime’s rich heritage of innovative design and engineering ensure all team members understand the intricacies of working around children, thereby moving play forward.

Over 200,000 installations: We have effectively installed more than 200,000 play systems across the globe. Working with Playtime means we are the single point of contact for our clients. We work with our clients, ensuring they are aware of the status of their job.

CSR-Swacch Bharat: Our products are designed to benefit corporates in fulfillling their CSR initiatives. Our products help make the children, the community and our nation a happier place!


We are customers of Playtime Arihant for many years now and their creatively designed products and bright colours ensure that our children have lots of fun without compromising on the safety aspect.

Vishal Shah

The product quality is excellent. The colours and characters that they have make the equipment very appealing and attractive to children. They ensure that their products are delivered and installed well in time.

Stephen V. Rajan
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