Why Educators Opt for Playtime?

Child Development Advisory Board: To improve the mental and physical development of your child, we have a Child Psychologist, a Landscape Architect, a Creative Teacher and an Expert in the field of Child Growth and Development on board. They provide recommendations on various factors for us we implement them in our designs ergonomically, making it more user friendly and challenging at the same time.

Industry Experience of over 35 years: Playtime’s rich heritage of innovative design and engineering ensure all team members understand the intricacies of working around children, thereby moving play forward.

Market Survey: As a leading company of indoor and outdoor play equipment, it is important that we give children a way to express their thoughts, then validate those thoughts, and act upon their interests while working on our product design and engineering. Playtime takes this a step further by conducting a routine survey with minimum 300 kids at a time about their choices and preferences.


We are customers of Playtime Arihant for many years now and their creatively designed products and bright colours ensure that our children have lots of fun without compromising on the safety aspect.

Vishal Shah
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